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Top Apps to Get Kids Back-to-School Ready

Majority of parents would probably agree that in learning, nothing beats the reliability of a good old book. While this has been tried and tested to be true, our educational system and the students it supports have been constantly evolving with the times. Our kids have become more tech-savvy, probably picking up technology’s new advancements faster than we adults could.

So now that a new school year has started, how can technology help students (and us parents) be ready for the learning waves to come? Listed here are some helpful back-to-school apps for tablets and smart phones that can supplement education and make it cool and fun. It kind of makes you want to wish you had these back then while you were still a youngster.

Forget about lugging around heavy books and magazines while you research. Khan Academy offers a multitude of free reading resources and activities (over 150,000) covering subjects from Arts and Humanities to Math and Science, plus more. Students can opt to answer quizzes and exercises and instantly receive feedback on their scores. This app is also excellent for use of teachers, tutors, parents, and just about anybody who wants to find something new every day.

If kids constantly check their smart phones for Facebook or Twitter notifications, then this back-to-school app would be a cinch to use. MyHomework helps them schedule their classes, exams, and projects. Work can be arranged by level of priority and deadline. Plus, instant notifications will pop up on screen whenever something needs to be accomplished right away. MyHomework can also be synched with a desktop computer, so the student won’t have an excuse of missing a submission, whether he is on his desk or on the go.

Need help in defining a word? How do you pronounce a particular phrase? This app is both a dictionary and thesaurus in one. Beyond providing word definitions, synonyms, or antonyms, the app also helps to find etymologies or word origins and even translates words in 30 different languages.

Perhaps one of the toughest tasks in writing a research paper is the proper and correct citation of sources. EasyBib, short for easy bibliography, helps to solve that tedious dilemma. Simply point your smart phone or tablet’s camera onto the book code, and the app instantly generates the citation for you. It supports styles like AMA, ASA, and others. This will definitely help you to focus more on providing excellent content for your paper, rather than worrying about the proper bibliography format.

These are just some apps than can support the learning and advancement of our youngsters. But keep in mind that nothing beats good study habits and proper guidance. You can also check out more apps that will help you and your kids to get ready, no matter what age or school level they may be.

In mid-September of this year, China’s Huawei will be launching its newest addition to the wearable tech market: the Huawei Watch. This Android-based device can link to your mobile phone, providing you with Google tools and more cool features that you can use wherever you may be. And did we mention that it looks oh-so-classy?

The brand ambassadors of the Huawei Watch are supermodels Karlie Kloss and Sean O’pry. Forget about smart watches that look just like little mobile phones on your wrist. The Huawei Watch has been crafted to look just like a pricey Swiss watch, with a round 1.4-inch face and beautiful steel and leather accessories to match.

The Huawei Watch also proudly claims that it can also link up to the iPhone, and not just Android devices. Through this smart watch, you can track your heartbeat and check the number of steps you’ve taken whether you are walking or running. The watch also has a long battery life, possibly reaching up to five days on a single charge. Through the Huawei Watch, you can be updated with notifications from messages, mail, and calendar. Plus, with voice activation, you wear with you a Google assistant that you can consult whenever you need to.

By comparison to the Apple Watch, known as the top-selling smart watch in the market today, the Huawei Watch brings with it the same luxury, style, and innovative tech. Plus, the price of the Huawei Watch can compete quite nicely, which will fetch from a range of $350 to about $800 USD. This price tag difference may make you think twice before buying a slightly costlier Apple Watch at about $500 to $1,100 USD apiece.

Whatever the brand may be, fashion experts have been predicting that the future of wearable technology has only just begun. We may now see tons of brands of smart watches that seamlessly link to our mobile devices, whether it be on iOS or Android. But according to Dr. Sabine Seymour of Parsons the New School of Design in New York, smart watches like the Huawei Watch will not be the only tech-related item that we can wear.

Dr. Seymour is known to be an expert in the field of future fashion technology, having under her belt a Master’s degree and a Doctorate in Social and Economic Sciences. She currently is an assistant professor at Parsons, lending her knowledge and expertise in the design of functional fashion pieces that integrate both innovation and style. Dr. Seymour has also been one of the consultants in the design of the up and coming Huawei Watch.

In a press conference held with the Huawei Business Group, Dr. Seymour has presented her vision of what smart and wearable tech can be. Eventually, our undergarments may be embedded with sensors that can track our vitals like pulse and body temperature. She also came up with concepts of how our outfits can adapt to our changing environments. For instance, a sweater can become thin or thick depending on the temperature outside.

Dr. Seymour’s presentation also mentioned that while our clothing can be linked to our mobile devices and watches, we may soon have the ability to alter how our clothes look just by pressing a button. Imagine how you can change the pattern of your dress to match the color of your shoes!

Fashionable tech has gone a long way from basic bracelets or wristbands used by joggers or exercise buffs. The Huawei Watch signifies that it can be an intelligent luxury item, helping even the busiest of individuals stay up-to-date with their daily routines, while still being chic and stylish.

Here Are Some of the Reasons for Which Our Clients Consider Us as the Most Reliable and Authentic Laptop Service Center in Kolkata

At DT Digital Technology, our customers prefer us and would like to hire us over and over again because we provide more than a few advanced services that no other laptop service centers in Kolkata can do.

• We treat every customer a special one, no matter what volume of work you have for us, you’ll always be treated royally. We take the best care of your problem.

• No matter when you call up, we will provide you on-site service (within Kolkata) in not more than 2 hours of calling.

• We offer exclusive Pick up & Delivery service without any extra fee. Yes, you read it right, unlike our competitors, we never charge anything from you additionally when we pick up the laptop from your doorsteps and again return it to you.

• DT Digital Technology boasts for having the most reliable expedited laptop repairing service in Kolkata.

• We are so much confident in our service quality that we gladly provide 1-6 months follow-up guarantee based on the service we provide.

• When you deal with DT Digital Technology, you will be guaranteed by original and 100% genuine spare parts with full warranty by the manufacturer. We do not do any shady business.

• Depending on the problem you experience, we first evaluate the problem and consult the problem and possible solution for your problem. From that point, we will mutually agree on a set price and once the job is done, you will be invoiced. There is no hidden charge.

• We take payment only when you are satisfied with the end result. Customer satisfaction is our forte without any exception.

• We offer 24x7x365 service. No matter if it is a scorching day light or the cold or rainy midnight, call DT Digital Technology and we will be there at your place to serve you the best.

• We also provide you genuine guidance on old / used up laptop buy and sell process. Additionally, we offer cash deal against damaged / broken laptops if you want to trade it out.

Our expertise speaks for its quality:

Find Out What Help Us to Stay Ahead of Our Competition

DT Digital Technology is a small team with huge potential. We have managed to deliver not less than 150 laptop repairing service in a month on average. We provide prompt and dedicated service on all makes and models of laptops, notebooks and desktops.

Our extremely talented and qualified staffs know their job and accurately diagnose the problem and offer the most affordable solution for the problem. No matter which brands you acquire, be it Dell, Toshiba, Sony, HP, Compaq, Lenovo, or any other model, just don’t hesitate, our experts are always there for you to solve your problem.

100% satisfaction is our guarantee. No matter what problem you have with your laptops, notebooks, or desktop computers, our experts can solve it and that’s a guarantee.

Be sure that you understand that laptop repairing service market in Kolkata is an extremely volatile market in its true sense of being flooded by fake and refurbished spare parts and amateur level laptop service providers.

Your laptop is your asset that helps you in your day to day activities. Don’t take risk with it. Trust only the professionals and choose genuine and authentic products and services.

Top Most Best Popular WordPress Plugins

 All In One SEO Pack:

This is Amazing Plugin for SEO(Search Engine Optimization) for new wordpress user.It providing you almost every function needed in the single page.

It also a one of more important plugin for SEO. Writing good content and have a fully optimized WordPress site using Yoast SEO plugin.

This is an all in one SEO plugin, it gives you a user-friendly approach of on-page optimization for your blog. It is available for free.

For Image Optimization WP Smush is Powerful plugin. It helps to optimize and resize. Reduce image file sizes and improve performance.The images are compressed or optimized automatically in WordPress without any loss.

SEO Friendly Images plugin is a powerful plugin that adds ALT and TITLE attributes for all your images automatically for SEO purposes and it makes your post W3C/xHTML valid as well.

W3 Total Cache is the top most important caching plugin. It will improve your website’s performance by caching the pages, objects, minifying the database’s by content delivery network support(CDN).

CloudFlare helps better protection of your blog from spammers. It shows the correct IP addresses of users who are commenting on your blog. You can protect your site from online hackers and spammers ,apart from this it helps your website load faster as well.

WP Super Cache is one of the most powerful WordPress caching plugin, it generates static html files from your dynamic WordPress blog. So that instead of loading heavy PHP scripts of your blog, visitors will be served with these static html files which will make your blog appear to load faster.

Super static cache:

It is one of the powerful plugin for caching.

Google XML Sitemaps plugin generates XML sitemap for your WordPress blog, so that it becomes easy for search engines or crawlers like Google, Bing,Yahoo, etc to index your site better.

Akismet Plugin helps to protect your website from web spam. It filters comments and trackback spam. So that you can focus more on managing other important things. It runs on autopilot and provides 24Hour protection.

Jetpack by

This is one of the most powerful plugin. it has many features. It has features security for your blog,optimizes images,comments,subscriptions for subscribe to newsletter,social sharing icons ,gallery.It helping you get more traffic.

Disqus is a amazing plugin for commenting system that helps you to build an active community of users by effective tools and features like Real time Comment System, Social Integration, Community Box etc.

If you are looking for subscribers this is wonderful plugin. FeedBurner FeedSmith can helps you to manage to inform you about your subscribers in your FeedBurner feed.

For commentors this plugin allows to subscribe for email notifications to subsequent comments on a particular post.

This Sociable plugin adds a bar of icons for different social networking facebook,google plus etc and bookmarking sites that you can choose for your articles.

Simple Social Buttons:

it provides social buttons to share.

Social Share Buttons by Supsystic:

This is amazing plugin for social icons for share. it provides facebook,twitter,goggle plus etc

WP-DB Manager plugin allows you to repair, backup and restore your databases. Also it supports automatic scheduling of backups and optimization.

Lazy Load:

Lazy load images to improve page load times.Images are loaded only when visible to the user.

404 Redirection:

This plugin fix all 404 error links by redirecting them to homepage.The main purpose of this plugin is to salvage Google Page Rank (TM) from missing pages.

It is very important plugin,it connects your blog with Google’s top most features such as Webmaster tools, Keyword Tools,Adwords, etc.

By this plugin your visitors will have the option for saving your blog content in the form of a PDF file.

To make sure that the visitor is a human being or not, some online spam bot attempting to comment on your blog. one simple mathematical question will be asked before logging or commenting in your blog.

WP-Polls plugin is a perfect way to increase visitor interaction on your blog by adding polls.

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