Document Scanning – Time and Space Saving

Document scanning saves time and space. It’s mostly used by businesses, but anyone can use it. As long as you have an excess amount of documents, you can get them scanned. Perhaps you’re a student that needs to keep up with all of his reports for school. Or maybe you’re a small law firm that needs to save space in the office. Perhaps you need to keep family records and other important documents stored in one place. Having your documents scanned can solve all of these problems. It makes them easier to locate, and you can change or move them anytime you see fit.

The documents that need to be scanned are saved onto a compact disk, USB drive or delivered electronically via secured connection. The files can be saved in several different formats. PDF format allows you to save more than one document inside of the file. It also allows to index the documents so that you can search and navigate within the PDF. Also, we can easily convert scanned files into a Word document. This allows you to make the necessary changes and edit it whenever you need to. Your documents can also be saved as TIFF or Jpeg files during document scanning. This will allow you to edit them as images.

Our document scanners are equipped with the Kofax Virtual Rescan (VRS) software. Kofax VRS reduces the time involved in document preparation and enhances the quality of scanned images. Kofax VRS automatically analyzes the content of each scanned document and implements all necessary adjustments. Capturing high-quality images is critical to the rest of the document management process because image quality significantly impacts the success of data extraction, recognition, and retrieval. No other product on the market today is as feature-rich as Kofax VRS.

Document scanning also makes it easier to send your files electronically. You’ll be able to send them over the internet easily. You’ll also have the advantage of printing them out and sending them through the mail whenever you need to. This saves a lot of time. You won’t have to search through boxes, piles or cabinets full of old documents. You’ll be able to pinpoint the document with ease, and send it off to the person waiting for it. Another advantage is that space is saved. You’ll be able to clear out any office or corner to make room for something you really need.

You may be surprised to find documents you haven’t seen in a long time. You may have thought they were lost or destroyed. It is common for documents to get lost, even in filing systems. Finding the right document at the right moment is just another benefit of document scanning. These new electronic files also serve as backups. If you find that you have to keep backups for legal purposes or other reasons, you’ll always have the original copy available to you on disc.



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