Top Apps to Get Kids Back-to-School Ready

Majority of parents would probably agree that in learning, nothing beats the reliability of a good old book. While this has been tried and tested to be true, our educational system and the students it supports have been constantly evolving with the times. Our kids have become more tech-savvy, probably picking up technology’s new advancements faster than we adults could.

So now that a new school year has started, how can technology help students (and us parents) be ready for the learning waves to come? Listed here are some helpful back-to-school apps for tablets and smart phones that can supplement education and make it cool and fun. It kind of makes you want to wish you had these back then while you were still a youngster.

Forget about lugging around heavy books and magazines while you research. Khan Academy offers a multitude of free reading resources and activities (over 150,000) covering subjects from Arts and Humanities to Math and Science, plus more. Students can opt to answer quizzes and exercises and instantly receive feedback on their scores. This app is also excellent for use of teachers, tutors, parents, and just about anybody who wants to find something new every day.

If kids constantly check their smart phones for Facebook or Twitter notifications, then this back-to-school app would be a cinch to use. MyHomework helps them schedule their classes, exams, and projects. Work can be arranged by level of priority and deadline. Plus, instant notifications will pop up on screen whenever something needs to be accomplished right away. MyHomework can also be synched with a desktop computer, so the student won’t have an excuse of missing a submission, whether he is on his desk or on the go.

Need help in defining a word? How do you pronounce a particular phrase? This app is both a dictionary and thesaurus in one. Beyond providing word definitions, synonyms, or antonyms, the app also helps to find etymologies or word origins and even translates words in 30 different languages.

Perhaps one of the toughest tasks in writing a research paper is the proper and correct citation of sources. EasyBib, short for easy bibliography, helps to solve that tedious dilemma. Simply point your smart phone or tablet’s camera onto the book code, and the app instantly generates the citation for you. It supports styles like AMA, ASA, and others. This will definitely help you to focus more on providing excellent content for your paper, rather than worrying about the proper bibliography format.

These are just some apps than can support the learning and advancement of our youngsters. But keep in mind that nothing beats good study habits and proper guidance. You can also check out more apps that will help you and your kids to get ready, no matter what age or school level they may be.



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